Namibia Trip – Day Four

Today being Ascension Day it's a public holiday. So I didn't talk at the Old Age home. Instead I preached at Wed night prayer meeting.

Woke up around 0200 again. Either then or first thing in morning after I fell asleep again I felt my car wad now the Lord's responsibility. A mountain dropped of my shoulders.

My faithful little Renault Clio is 17 years old. In the 12 years I've owned her she has never broken down nor used a drop of oil. Parts have been replaced but on the clock by my return will be 190k km.

I left Mariental at about 0900 after delicious breakfast with past Hannes n Adrie. Tears n laughter n prayer was part of the menu.

I stopped several times along the way to tell about Jesus and the gift He has for us or other times just giving literature.

Sometimes I had to turn around because I wasn't obedient immediately. Such as this group. Who received the Word gladly and with understanding.

They knew immediately after prayer where Jesus was. I left one of Irene's booklets of bible verses for them to memorize.

I had been wrestling with the Lord re my itinerary. Should I go north to Tsumeb or west for possible ministry to the only person I know in Namibia?

After the burden of the car was removed I decided to do both going to Tsumeb first.

More trees and mountains. I think the trees are Camel Thorn trees. The best kind for barbeques. I want to buy John a bag for all his help with my blog (initiated by Dylan).

I bypass Windhoek and after Okahandja get back on the highway. I'm on the way to Swakopmund.

Hmmm. Isn't that the west coast? I buy a map. My S.A. map only shows Namibia up to Windhoek. Shoot. This must be a God thing. Ok west coast first.

I see the turn off for my destination. A short cut but on a 120km dirt road. Being the patient kind, never in a hurry (sic) I take dirt road. What a mistake.

The corrugated iron surface wasn't even the problem. The loose sand is. Remember this is desert country. At times my car feels like a bucking horse. I cling to Jesus and the steering wheel. What I gain in km I lose in time and peace of mind. Even worse the spectacular sunset is marred because the setting sun is half blinding me.

I drove around trying to find cheap lodgings to no avail. Desperate prayers go forth. I have visions of sleeping in my car.

Somehow I land up in front of C4S. I think. Security. They find lodgings where I get a holiday flat with two bedrooms self catering for R300 per night and a lock up garage.

My cup runs over.

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