Namibia Trip – Day Three


Driving here yesterday out of the blue: go to the AFM church.

Ok Lord. Hmmm. Maybe the pastors need encouragement.

I was about to give up having driven around several times finding RC, NG, JW. Asking at police station who didn't know.

I lean on my car roof with my elbows. 'Lord did I hear wrong? Please help'.

I decide to turn right and then give up.

A funeral parlour. They will know.

The lady helping me belongs.

Drive me there.

I follow.

I walk into a spotless church beautifully furnished. Peace flows thru me. I give a long sigh of contentment.

Last night had first proper meal in two days. Towns are 100's of km apart so are petrol stations with eating facilities.

I have found two kindred spirits, the Vissers: we speak the same spiritual language.

Tomorrow I speak at the old age home then leave for Windhoek and beyond.

I woke up at 02:00 again. The Lord and me time. I'm in tears. Jesus did this for ME. To rest and refresh. He is sooo sensitive and considerate.

My reading in 2 Thess. Pray for me that the Word of God will run.

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  1. Candace van Zyl on 26th May 2017 at 10:06 am

    <3 Wonderful mom – God is kind and faithful!

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