Namibia Trip – Day Six

My brothers ex-wife Talana said the dirt road is a nightmare . Couldn't believe I got thru with a saloon car. They used it week ago with 4x4 had two punctures.

ALSO she was so discouraged this morn. Cancelled plans to go to funeral in Walvis bay. When I walked in she started crying. Amazing God.

I had kabeljou caught in Walvis bay last night. She has a thriving restaurant. Others had sea food. All freshly caught. Tonight at home I'll have galjoen.

Each time I get directions from the Lord to go to individuals I think they must be in need of prayer and each time I'm surprised by my Father's tenderness and loving care in store for ME. My friends Braam and Jeanette in Velddrif. Pastor Hannes n Adrie in Mariental. Now Talana in Henties bay also spoiling me.

I had interesting dream last night. I'm on a bus but somehow I landed on a different bus that was going in the wrong direction. I'm knocking on the glass partition to get conductor's attention to stop the bus so I could get off. He ignores me. I also have a bag full of jewellery with me. I empty it on the bus. There are two items left at the bottom of the bag. I push my arm right down to take it out. The bus stops and I get off.

There were mainly women n children on. I'm not back with my familiar group. In unknown territory but moving back to the familiar. All the time looking for a toilet. (Don't think that part had spiritual interpretation).

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