Namibia Trip – Day Ten

Today I am exhausted. Yesterday not a rest day. Jesus came thru in truth and joy at the prayer ministry. My car wad fixed and sharing at life group a mutual blessing.

I don't have grace to drive 240km to the northern border. I want to go home. Should I rest today n drive tomorrow? Or maybe today just drive 100km north, preach n witness turn around drive to Windhoek? I shared options with Hanalore.

If you're just driving that far then go to Oshivello. There's lots of people and many witchdoctors.

So today is set aside for rest n prayer.

School where I was able this morning to give gospel in nutshell. It's actually not allowed but the teacher wasn't there so I took gap. There was dead silence and rapt attention. At end clapped hands. Pray for living seed to germinate n bear fruit for eternity.

Hanalore decided to come with because she speaks Ovambo so we did the trip to Oshivello this aft. I am exhausted. Physically n emotionally. We stopped to minister countless times.

This little Bush man girl is 12 with month old baby.

Leaving on southward journey tomorrow.

Stink bugs of which there is a plague in Tsumeb. This is in my bed. We prayed against it and numbers dwindled considerably.

Last night Peter n Hanalore sang to me accompanied by Peter's guitar. May You be a shining light to the nations. May Your kingdom come...... I just started weeping because that has so been the desire of my heart.

Hanalore said she thinks the burning torch has gone north far enough. I desired deeply to go to the northern border but did not have the emotional strength. Maybe it was a case such as Paul's letter to the Thessalonians: I wanted to come to you but Satan hindered us. You don't always recognise the source until afterwards. But then maybe this torch had gone far enough and its time to turn south n home.

The bag of jewels is not empty yet.

On the trip yesterday I was on the border of Ovamboland.

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