Namibia Trip – Day Twelve

Last blog which I'm writing from S.A. soil.

My last day in Namibia was as spectacular as all the others. I left Mariental after preaching to a small group in front of Checkers. Interesting that sometimes the whole group understands and at other times one or two maintain eye contact really understanding soaking it up.

On way to Keetmanshoop I passed a hitchhiker. Someone lying on ground seemingly dead. He breathed every so slightly. WAKE UP IN THE NAME OF JESUS. You will NOT die. (Lying in the sun like that). No movement except for lips. I left. Usual story. Turn back. He needs water.

Usual battle. FINALLY. He's still lying comatose. Hiker nudges him. He gets up completely lucid speaking beautifully as if he had never lain half dead. A detour of about 40 km. God of the individual.

The mountains on the horizon look like rose quartz.

I pass another hitchhiker, a young girl. PICK HER UP. Usual story. Have to turn back.

Esmee. For ten years she walked 10 km to school and 10 back. We chat for 80 km to Keetmanshoop. She accepts Jesus before our arrival.

The cluster birds nest is usually found in thorn trees.

I decide to drive thru. Turn onto dirt road just before Grunau. The guest house. The last jewel. He walks down the stairs as I arrive. Listen to my story. Briefly taken aback. I sense recklessness and rock hard spirit.

Last NT to custom's official. Back home 0200.

Thank YOU my Lord and Saviour.

And thank YOU who took this journey with me.

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