A Reckless Faith

This book is a little like gathering an armful of wheat and binding it into a sheath.

There is just too much to relate for all of it to be in one book. Already the book consist of 223 pages with pictures.


Claudia Burger Author and Christian

The cry from my heart throughout the book is: “ if I can do it, so can you.” There were tests of obedience that I had to pass that I believe all of us face and are able to pass.

The crucial question throughout the millennia was and still remains: “ Is God’s Word true and can I trust His character?”

Of course we don't always know if its God speaking to us.  There are principles to follow but at the end it still requires raw courage and faith. If everything is at hand, it would not be faith.

Follow my journey that - in the book - starts with three nights I spent in a brothel in the north of Turkey.

Then onto Georgia where I trusted God to open the doors so I could speak to church leaders about unity. In this case I was only able to meet with the Patriarch Elias II of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

Later in Macedonia I could meet the leaders of the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Pentecostal and Evangelical churches with the same quest in mind.

Read of my involvement with the Roma (gypsies), human trafficking following this horrific practice across Macedonian borders into nightclubs in Kosovo and much more.