Namibia Trip – Day Eleven

What an amazing journey from Tsumeb to Mariental.

The two men at the roadside camp started reading the literature n New Testaments immediately.

A previous pix of women at an open market was taken at Otjiwarongo 5 days ago.

When I drove past yesterday I had forgotten which town and recognising them stopped.

The previous time several had responded to the Gospel and I was concerned about follow-up. Imagine my joy that this time I had New Testaments in Ovambo, English and Afrikaans.

There were two young sangoma girls dressed in full regalia but I couldn't take pix and hand out bibles as I was stampeded. Even guys from the taxis.

In the dream I had several days ago, after I shook the jewellery out the bag, two pieces were stuck deep down at the bottom. I knew one jewel was the son of the owners at the first guest house I stayed after I crossed the border.

At Okahandja I stopped to buy souvenirs for the family. I found more stalls behind the road facing stalls. BUY FROM THIS ONE I clearly heard.

Such a ķind gentle man. As figure came to mind after I chose a few items. Included in our conversation was the Gospel in a nutshell. He followed me to receive a NT and immediately sat down next to the road on part of a concrete pylon starting to read.

As I drove away I realised with joy that he is the second jewel at the bottom of the bag.

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