Namibia Trip – Day Two

Had one of the rusks from the complimentary pack I received from the guest house for supper last night, with orange juice from a bag I bought in Velddrif.

I woke up the next morning at 02.15.

Praying earnest - heartfelt prayers without words. 'What next Lord?'

I fell asleep again after some time only to find out later Namibia is hour behind S.A. I could have slept in longer.

First shower, then we'll talk.

Ok Lord.

Strangely enough once dressed etc I did feel better.

As I read bible and then listened to some more bible in CD, this thought: I cannot direct you if you're not moving.

After cup of cappuccino from box of expired (only two months old) that friend Lydia gave me, homemade kefir I brought with, more orange juice and another Rusk, off to Keetmanshoop.

The scenery is as sparse as before, but 40 km on suddenly I'm surrounded by mountains. As if a giant hand moved them from the horizon right up to the road. Consisting of giant boulders and rocks.

More trees also appear. Several km later they're all gone and back on the horizon.

My biggest expenses are accommodation and petrol. So I drive a steady 90 km/h to conserve petrol.

I decide to go through to Mariental.

As I left the town behind, I feel I should go back and preach at Checkers shopping centre.

No no, I'll do it on the return journey.

Tugging in my heart. I turn around. I Start with three security guards, then stopped more passersby, who all listened very intently.

No commitments but I rejoiced because I had crossed a boundary.

15 km before Mariental, I go to the AFM (Apostolic Faith Mission) church. After much driving around and asking everywhere I found it. There must be a reason.

Sleeping here for two night's.

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  1. Dylan Killin-Kohlstadt on 23rd May 2017 at 7:53 pm

    May the anointing of the Spirit embolden and empower you as you flow with Him like the wind.

  2. Candace Van Zyl on 23rd May 2017 at 8:36 pm

    Wonderful! Keep on pressing through and obeying the still small voice. Who knows who you are blazing a trail for behind you! Praying for you

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