How to Read and Understand the Bible

Dear Friends

I recently recorded three YouTube videos on How to Read the Bible and Understand it.

Someone recently told me that they have been reading the Bible for years and they don’t understand it.

Part One: Why Should I Read the Bible

People make the mistake of thinking that the Bible should be read like a novel and that you should remember every word you read.

The Bible is supernatural, it’s the living, inspired word of God, which is why people can read it over and over and every time still get something out of it.

The Bible has the power to change lives, lead us, guide us, convict us, and reveal more of God’s character to us.

Watch more about this on my YouTube video below:

Part Two: The Tools to Use

A variety of tools exist that will enrich your Bible reading. A few of them are:

  1. A good Bible translation – I prefer the New King James version
  2. A good dictionary – I use a standard Oxford English dictionary
  3. A concordance – you can buy one at your local book shop
  4. eSword on the internet – this is a free programme you can download that is very powerful and easy to use
  5. Christian TV
  6. Christian books
  7. Hebrew and Greek lexicon – also available online or at your local bookstore
  8. Audio Bible on CD

Watch more about this on my YouTube video below:

Part Three: How to Retain and Understand the Bible

It’s firstly imperative that you’ve had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus you will have met the Author of the Bible. The Holy Spirit will illuminate the Bible and bring revelation and truth to you as you read the Bible.

Watch more about this on my YouTube video below:

And Finally in Closing

It’s so important that once we’ve read the Bible that we put what we’ve read into practice.

Jesus compares a man who hears the Word and does it to a man who built his house upon a rock.

You will be like a house built on a rock when you DO what the Word says.

God bless,


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