Namibia Trip – Day One

Some time ago I thought it was time to do another field trip. Praying with individuals all along the way to the north of South Africa. At the same time I thought that people should take Angus Buchan’s prayers further. That what was going to take place on 22nd April should have a ripple effect. On the morning of the 22nd as I woke up, NAMIBIA fell into my mind.

‘Ok Lord, if this is You then confirm please'.

Shortly thereafter this Scripture stood out in my daily Bible reading: Col. 1:25 .....of which I became a minister according to the stewardship from God which was given to me for you, to fulfill the word of God.’

My children reacted this way: Tina in Oz, said: Mom, I was very unhappy when you told me you plan to drive to Namibia. The next morning I brought it before the Lord and He clearly spoke two words to me: TORCH BEARER.

Dylan was excited and saw lots of little fires being started. Candi was at peace and John is used to his mom’s goings.

Fellow missionary friend Jeanette had meanwhile invited me to speak at a ladies meeting in Velddrif on 19 May. What better than to just continue the journey north? Wednesday my pastor prayed: Lord, Claudia’s trip to turkey and Georgia end last year was a difficult trip. Let this one be easy and fruitful.

Thursday I took to the road to arrive lunchtime by Braam and Jeanette.

Friday’s meeting was amazingly blessed by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Sunday at the fellowship meeting I wept because of the wonderful nearness of the Lord Jesus but also because I was afraid. Once again I was stepping into the unknown. I don’t have any contacts, not enough money, hardly any strategy. Jeanette prayed: Lord let this be an easy trip with lots of fruit (she doesn’t know about my pastor’s prayer).

MONDAY 22 May: I woke up with peace restored. I  found it significant that the morning is shrouded in mist.

After a quick cup of coffee and more prayer and padkos, I leave. I can see only a few metres in front of me.

This whole journey is like that. All I know definitely about the next step is that it means crossing the border. All along the way road works are in progress and all along the way as I have to stop, and I hand out Christian literature.

I get through the border post on SA side smoothly and cross the Orange River.

I am a little tense going through the Namibian side as I don’t have an address to put on my declaration form, so I mention some vague explanation and a hotel at a nearby town, which in the end costs so much that my mouth dropped.

That by the way was another 140 km after the border. The road is one long straight road with mountains on both side far away. Stunted creamy white tufts of bushy shrubs cover the country side. Those close to the road looks the colour of peroxide blonde.

My courage drops into my shoes. I want to be where the small towns are, its getting dark, I'm hungry and tired having been on the road 9 hours. After 75 km I only start praying for the country, proclaiming, singing. I thought of sleeping over at a coloured township 2 km outside border post but once I drove into the area, I didn’t have the grace - and besides I wanted wifi to contact my family and friends.

Finally, after discouragingly high prices for accommodation, I leave the highway - driving 8 km on a dirt road to find very comfortable accommodation for R250. No breakfast, but it does include a packet of rusks and coffee or tea. In the morning I will hopefully know more of how the Lord wants me to proceed.

I am under orders.

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  1. Dylan Killin-Kohlstadt on 23rd May 2017 at 7:49 pm

    Wonderful to hear about someone taking the word of Jesus seriously and going into all the earth to spread the word

  2. Candace Van Zyl on 23rd May 2017 at 8:41 pm

    It’s like you’re ploughing into soil. Its bumpy at first but once the plough has bit the going is smoother. I agree with the two prophetic prayers: easy and fruitful in Jesus name.

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