Namibia Trip – Day Eight

This morning I start the last leg of my journey both to Tsumeb.

The first few days in Namibia the weather was like mild summer days. Even tho its middle winter. But in Henties Bay I wore full winter outfits. Maybe its the ocean, Atlantic.

Last night I prepared my padkos. Biltong. Boiled eggs. Fresh veggies. Bananas. Sweets. Chewing gum. All items I can eat on the go. Once driving all I'll stop for is to preach or fill up with petrol.

All along the way as the Holy Spirit prompts me I stop to preach and / or hand out literature. As I drive praying I realise I should have bibles. My literature is running out. I see a building on the other side of the highway, single lane no culvert. Trucks drive away from the building. It looks like a roadworks setup. I don't want to stop but the familiar tugging is there so once again I turn around and drive back.

No life at buildings so I left some litt at the gate. Coming back I pass the same water truck spraying the road that I passed earlier. I stop to give the driver some tracts. He's an elderly man with a thin grey beard. I am filed with joy n peace. THIS IS THE ONE. My God is the God of the individual. Others along the way give their lives to Jesus.

I need bibles Lord. I'll ask about the Gideons in Tsumeb.

I arrive in darkness. Can't find guest house. Oh Lord not again. I'm told of one behind the Spar. I circle the block. Nothing. I'll go around one more time n then hit the road to Ondangwa, the northern border before Angola. Second time around I see several cars in front of an office. The lights are on. People. Maybe meeting. At the glass door I see they're praying.

Spiritfilled Christians who offer me accommodation. By Hanalore, German lady n her husband who just happens to be part of Gideons. My cup runs over once again at a wonderful heavenly Father.

I am truly amazed and grateful how the Lord is surprising me with finances along the way. I had R1000 in the bank when I left SA. So far I have lacked nothing. God just moves on people's hearts and none of them are rich.

His timing leaves me awestruck.

I planned from the start to travel north to Tsumeb and then go to Henties bay. Şo when I found myself on the wrong road to Swakopmund I knew He wanted me in Henties first for Talana's sake. On the other hand had I gone to Tsumeb first I would have missed the prayer meeting and another divine appointment.

Ministry started almost immediately in the prayer meeting. I have an appointment this aft to pray with someone. Asked to share at a life group.

As well as accompany my host to a soup kitchen started some time ago for street kids and had grown to 400 kids and sponsored by big Corp now so that kitchens have been built etc. The downside is that the Gospel is now not allowed but they may hand out bibles.

My car sounds very throaty. Like Marlene Dietrich. Will get someone to look at the exhaust tomorrow between appointments.

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