Faith in 2012 – A Necessity, Not a Luxury

Many of us are wondering what’s going to happen 2012. The recession does not seem to have any inclination to stop its downward slide. Are we going to experience or even see a cataclysmic collision in the heavenlies towards the end of the year? Some even expect Jesus to return this year. What if you, or a loved one lose a job? How will we survive? I think now more than ever before we have to ask ourselves if we REALLY believe in God’s promises.

More than a decade ago I had an experience that was quite extraordinary. When I shared it with a very close friend I was shocked to see the unbelief in her eyes. Not only did she NOT believe me, but she also thought I LIED. I began to withdraw from her and the friendship eventually came to a gentle shipwreck.

Why did our friendship die? Because, if you do not believe me, you touch the very core of my being, my integrity. If there is no trust, there can be no intimacy. If you do not believe things I say, I will not share my innermost thoughts with you. Either you believe me or you say I am a liar.

And it’s the same with God. How can we insult the Creator of the Universe by not believing His word? By not believing the word of God, you are calling Him a liar. Either God is who He says He is, or it’s all a pack of lies. If it’s true that He is who He says He is, then the word is TRUE and you can step out in faith and know that He will be there with the results.

Christianity is a paradox: to be a giant in faith, you have to believe like a little child.

Sometimes it takes a long time before things happen, or sometimes the things we pray for don’t happen, but if His word says so, and I am walking in faith and not presumption, then I can afford to wait for an answer. Presumption is when we don’t hear from the Holy Spirit to find out what is on God’s heart for that situation. (One of the meanings of ‘presumption’ is ‘to guess’). So take the time to hear from the Lord in everything, and trust that He knows best.

The above statement becomes especially tricky in the area of healing or a passionate desire on our part to see a situation changed. It is vitally important to know what is on GOD’S heart for that situation and only then do we have the confidence to stand in faith. Otherwise we set ourselves up for not only disappointment but are in danger of losing our faith. Let us press in more than ever before to the know the heart of God and not to be willful and stubborn.

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