Missionary Journey 2012

Return to Macedonia and Greece

Macedonia 22 September – 22 October 2012

The Lord laid on my heart early this year to go and find a young Gypsy girl in Macedonia whom I had befriended on my trip to Macedonia, in 2005.

I watched Fatima grow up each subsequent visit into a young teenager, and in my heart I always felt concerned that her family would sell her into marriage, as is the custom with many Gypsy families.

pic1As she grew older I started wondering whether she was being put into prostitution by her grandfather who ruled the family ruthlessly. I asked the neighbours about this, but nobody would speak out, due to fear.

The grandmother got saved during one of my trips, and passed away several years ago.

During my last visit in 2009 I found out that Fatima’s family had moved to the larger Gypsy area Shutka (Shuto) near Skopje.

The neighbours were now free to share without fear of retaliation from the grandfather. They disclosed that he was abusing Fatima for several years and that she had three abortions already.

I just wept and wept.

Pray for My Visit in Macedonia:

  • Favour with the local people
  • Favour with the local church
  • Wisdom and anointing
  • Protection for myself and family
  • That the door will open to find Fatima
  • That Fatima’s will be prepared
  • That Fatima’s family will be open
  • God’s kingdom to come over Macedonia

Greece 23 October – 30 October 2012

For some time I’ve been concerned with the plight of ordinary people in Greece who, because of the present economic situation, are now homeless. Children are being abandoned and some left on the Church doorsteps.

At this point I want to go and investigate and see what the situation is.

Pray for My Visit in Greece:

  • Favour with government officials
  • Favour with Church leaders
  • God’s strategy
  • What part I should play in this
  • Protection for family and self
  • Wisdom and anointing
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